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Leadership is for the Bold.

At Nzou we provide professional coaches who play the role of guide, confidant, and thinking partners to challenge and support you on your journey to becoming

Masterful Leaders

Strategic Growth

Lead Inspired

Become a
Highly Adaptive

In today’s fast-paced, complex world, the demands on leaders are greater than at any time in the past.

As the business climate changes, leaders find themselves outside of their comfort zones and struggling to meet the demands of their employees, boards, customers, and shareholders. The way they have led in the past no longer works. Leaders need to adapt and become agile but don’t always know how.

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Barb is a coach with insight, humility and purpose. She is an extremely good listener and customizes her coaching style to your desired end goal. Working with Barb made me reflect more effectively because she gave me tools and ideas that made me think deeper. As a small business owner and HR professional, she opened up ideas and avenues I hadn’t thought of. Don’t be fooled by her gentle unassuming demeanour. She is a solid professional who is self-aware and takes note of everything necessary to help you achieve your desired goals. I highly recommend her services to businesses and entrepreneurs growing their businesses.

Nini Obiaga

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Leadership skills needed in today’s business environment.


Create a personal vision for leadership and combine with company mission for success.


Identify business and leadership skills needed to lead teams and the organisation with


Develop a leadership
style that is adaptable
to the current demands.


Develop a leadership
style that is adaptable
to the current demands.


Develop systems and processes that drive organizational execution and accountability.


Understand the unseen forces and norms that support or hinder your success as a leader.


Develop the ability to communicate with impact.


Increase your ability to use yourself as an instrument to influence others and drive results.

Moira Bassingthwaighte

I have “known” Barbara for a few years, towards the end of last year, Barbara joined a meeting, smiling, happy and bubbly – at the time, I remember thinking “I want what she is taking!” Barbara shared her journey regarding positive intelligence with us, the changes it had made to her life, both in the workspace and on a personal level. For the last 7 weeks I have been part of a Positive Intelligence pod Barbara has been coaching – Barbara really commits to the session and to the Pod members – listens and guides without pre-empting or judgement, giving a different perspective and a new way of looking at things – sage advice! She has given me the tools to use to make the changes in my own life – ever grateful!

Moira Bassingthwaighte

Coaching for Leadership for Life

Coaching for Leadership for Life

Coaching for Leadership for Life

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Leadership Self-mastery
(This is Positive Intelligence
® foundation programme)

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Leading your organisation
into an uncertain future

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organisational change

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Leading towards
valuing diveristy,
encouraging inclusion

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Leading high performance

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Leadership and self-care

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Towards self-actualisation

Dr. Barbara van Heerden conducted the Enneagram course with me a last year. Barbara was very professional and confident. Her explanations were clear and to the point. She made me feel comfortable throughout the duration of the sessions and I felt that she knew the area of work and how to teach it effectively. Dr. van Heerden has to be commended for her insight, people skills and patience.

Bevan Sylvester

How we help your leaders transform

1. Schedule an appointment

Please schedule a free exploratory one-hour appointment with Barbara van Heerden using this Calendly link.

2. Experience an exploratory session

During the exploratory session, we will discuss your leadership challenges and growth opportunities. Barbara will also explain the coaching process and the coaching contract. You will be afforded the opportunity to experience a brief coaching session should you wish to do so.

3. Live the transformation

If at the end of the exploratory session, you decide to proceed with a coaching relationship, we will prioritize your coaching goals during the fulfillment of the coaching contract experience the transformation that you are looking for toward becoming a Jedi Master Leader

If Covid has taught us anything...

It is that we need to be highly adaptive and meet challenges that sometimes don’t even exist yet. At Nzou Leadership development, we know that you’re organisation needs masterful leaders. In order to have what, you need 

When I signed up for the Positive Intelligence Program, I was in a very bad space personally. I reluctantly thought, oh well, let’s try it. I never anticipated that it would provide me with the purpose and joyfulness I so craved. 

Yet, within 3 sessions, I did a 180-degree turnaround! My life transitioned slowly, but surely, for the better. I opened up my shell, and the universe became a magic place again! My husband, family, friends, and colleagues all noticed the difference. And with Barbara’s amazing coaching, I now am in the position to be in that magic place on a daily basis. PLUS, I know exactly how to get into my positive universe.

I have known and respected Barbara for many years as a colleague, but this year she made an enormous difference in my life and future! I would highly recommend her as a coach. Barbara is super intuitive, a great listener, and very talented as a coach. She is a game changer.

You will never look back………….

Carina Van Den Bergh

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