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Build the type of work
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Are the demands on your team exceeding your teams performance?

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Are your leaders
burnt out?

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Is the leadership
team divided?

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Do you struggle to
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Is the team
in disarray?

Disengaged leaders = Disengaged teams = Missed targets

Solutions and Investments

We offer a number of custom leadership coaching packages:

Leadership Self Mastery
8 Week programme either individually or
in small groups of up to 10 people
R 8,995 per person

One to one Coaching Sessions
Individual Coaching
R 1,995 per person

Group Coaching
Maximum 10 People Per Group
R 1,595 per person

How we help your leaders transform

1. Schedule an appointment

Please schedule a free exploratory one-hour appointment with Barbara van Heerden using this Calendly link.

2. Experience an exploratory session

During the exploratory session, we will discuss your leadership challenges and growth opportunities. Barbara will also explain the coaching process and the coaching contract. You will be afforded the opportunity to experience a brief coaching session should you wish to do so.

3. Live the transformation

If at the end of the exploratory session, you decide to proceed with a coaching relationship, we will prioritize your coaching goals during the fulfillment of the coaching contract experience the transformation that you are looking for toward becoming a Jedi Master Leader

Dr. Barbara van Heerden conducted the Enneagram course with me a last year. Barbara was very professional and confident. Her explanations were clear and to the point. She made me feel comfortable throughout the duration of the sessions and I felt that she knew the area of work and how to teach it effectively. Dr. van Heerden has to be commended for her insight, people skills and patience.

Bevan Sylvester

Our Leadership Development Solutions


Leadership coaching is customarily a one-to-one experiential leadership development process, a partnership between the coach and leader built on mutual respect and trust. The coach employs various behavioural methods and techniques to help a client with leadership responsibility and accountability to achieve a set of pre-identified business outcomes and strategies.


Life coaching can be defined as a one-to-one coaching relationship where the coach and client focus on the enhancement of life skills rather than focusing on the development of leadership competencies. The process may be slightly less structured in terms of goal setting and have a greater focus on personal


Leadership coaching for intercultural coaching follows a very similar approach to transformational leadership coaching described above with one of the pre-defined outcomes being the development of
intercultural competence. This can also be delivered to leadership teams that include members from various cultural backgrounds working together to achieve business outcomes.


Organisations often utilize strategic projects to deliver desired predefined business strategic goals. In essence the project team, including the Executive Sponsor, project managers, business analysts and other team members often find themselves in the role of change advocates during the life cycle of the


Learning how to lead and care for yourself in a way that consistently keeps your energy levels high and allows you to produce high quality work is essential for overall work performance. In an increasingly pressurised and demanding world, this requires knowledge and a personal strategy. Learn how to care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in order to have a more fulfilling and successful life.

At Nzou we see mentoring as a one-to-one helping relationship between a mentor and a mentee. Traditionally mentors have been sourced from within the organisation in which the mentee is employed. There are some advantages to this approach as the mentor may assist the mentee with networking within the organisation and align mentoring goals closely to the performance management approach of the organisation.