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Help your team move forward together

Build the type of work environment where everyone can do their best work.

Are the demands on your team exceeding your teams performance?

Disengaged leaders = Disengaged teams = Missed targets

Solutions and Investments

We offer a number of custom leadership coaching packages:

Leadership Coaching for Intercultural Competence for Leaders and Teams

Grow your global team’s skill set by selecting the package that suits your needs. The various options provide for greater intercultural competence maturity.



For Leadership Teams includes:
• One 4-hour workshop (Pax 15)



For Leadership Teams includes:
• Eight team coaching sessions of 1,5 hrs



For Leaders:
• Eight Individual Coaching sessions of 1 hour


Coaching the Enneagram for Leaders and Teams

For leaders and teams to build on their rich diversity
in their team and learn how to leverage everyone’s
strengths to increase team performance.



For Leaders and their Teams includes:
• One 6-hour enneagram typing workshop for Teams



For Leaders and their Teams includes:
• Six team coaching sessions of 1,5 hrs



For Leaders:
• Seven Individual Coaching sessions of 1 hour


Individual Coaching Offerings

Coaching for Positive Intelligence

Based on research from Stanford University, equip yourself through positive intelligence to enhance your leadership skills towards self-actualisation



Seven hours of individual coaching


General Leadership Coaching

Set your own coaching goals related to a broad range of leadership skills. Coaching charged at R2,775 per hour.

How we help your leaders transform

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Our Leadership Development Solutions


Leadership coaching is customarily a one-to-one experiential leadership development process, a partnership between the coach and leader built on mutual respect and trust. The coach employs various behavioural methods and techniques to help a client with leadership responsibility and accountability to achieve a set of pre-identified business outcomes and strategies.


Life coaching can be defined as a one-to-one coaching relationship where the coach and client focus on the enhancement of life skills rather than focusing on the development of leadership competencies. The process may be slightly less structured in terms of goal setting and have a greater focus on personal transformation.


Leadership coaching for intercultural coaching follows a very similar approach to transformational leadership coaching described above with one of the pre-defined outcomes being the development of intercultural competence. This can also be delivered to leadership teams that include members from various cultural backgrounds working together to achieve business outcomes.


Organisations often utilize strategic projects to deliver desired predefined business strategic goals. In essence the project team, including the Executive Sponsor, project managers, business analysts and other team members often find themselves in the role of change advocates during the life cycle of the project.


Learning how to lead and care for yourself in a way that consistently keeps your energy levels high and allows you to produce high quality work is essential for overall work performance. In an increasingly pressurised and demanding world, this requires knowledge and a personal strategy. Learn how to care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in order to have a more fulfilling and successful life.


At Nzou we see mentoring as a one-to-one helping relationship between a mentor and a mentee. Traditionally mentors have been sourced from within the organisation in which the mentee is employed. There are some advantages to this approach as the mentor may assist the mentee with networking within the organisation and align mentoring goals closely to the performance management approach of the organisation.


Here’s what others have to say…

Nini Obiaga smiling and looking at the camera

Nini Obiaga

Barb is a coach with insight, humility and purpose. She is an extremely good listener and customizes her coaching style to your desired end goal. Working with Barb made me reflect more effectively because she gave me tools and ideas that made me think deeper. As a small business owner and HR professional she opened up ideas and avenues I hadn’t thought of. Don’t be fooled by her gentle unassuming demeanour. She is a solid professional who is self-aware and takes note of everything necessary to help you achieve your desired goals.
I highly recommend her services to businesses and entrepreneurs growing their businesses.

MJ Fick

I attended a seven-week Positive Intelligence Foundation program which was led by Barbara. Barbara is an excellent coach. She facilitated the weekly group sessions expertly, helping the group to share and reflect on each past week and preparing us for the next week. Barbara has a special skill to make everyone feel safe and allowing us to share without feeling pressure. This amazing program helped me to understand that there are two ways to react to everything: stand in judgement (of oneself, others, or circumstances) or with empathy, curiosity and discernment. It taught me tools to choose the latter. It is a lifelong practice, but the seven-week programme provided a good foundation.

Bevan Sylvester

Dr. Barbara van Heerden conducted the Enneagram course with me a last year.

Barbabra was very professional and confident. Her explanations were clear and to the point.

She made me feel comfortable throughout the duration of the sessions and I felt that she knew the area of work and how to teach it effectively.

Dr. van Heerden has to be commended for her insight, people skills and patience.

Carina Van Den Bergh

When I signed up for the Positive Intelligence Program, I was at a very bad space personally. I reluctantly thought, oh well, let’s try it.
I never anticipated that it would provide me with the purpose and joyfulness I so craved.

Yet, within 3 sessions, I did a 180-degree turnaround! My life transitioned slowly , but surely, for the better. I opened up my shell, and the universe became a magic place again!
My husband, family, friends, colleagues all noticed the difference. And with Barbara’s amazing coaching, I now am in the position to be in that magic place on a daily basis.
PLUS, I know exactly how to get into my positive universe.

I have known and respected Barbara for many years as a colleague, but this year she made an enormous difference in my life and future! I would highly recommend her as a coach.
Barbara is super intuitive, a great listener and very talented as a coach. She is a game changer.

You will never look back…………..

Jacki Dickinson

I had the great pleasure of being coached by Barbara in the Enneagram course. The knowledge I have gained has changed my perspective on the importance of personalities and relationships in my work and personal life. I would advise anyone who has had issues in the workplace or at home to do this course, it is a definite eye-opener.

Moira Bassingthwaighte

Moira Bassingthwaighte

I have “known” Barbara for a few years, towards the end of last year, Barbara joined a meeting, smiling, happy and bubbly – at the time, I remember thinking “I want what she is taking!”

Barbara shared her journey regarding positive intelligence with us, the changes it had made to her life, both in the workspace and on a personal level.

For the last 7 weeks I have been part of a Positive Intelligence pod Barbara has been coaching – Barbara really commits to the session and to the Pod members – listens and guides without pre-empting or judgement, giving a different perspective and a new way of looking at things – sage advice!

She has given me the tools to use to make the changes in my own life – ever grateful!